An April Cotswolds Wedding Without the Showers

Being a Cotswolds wedding photographer, I’ve found April weddings notorious for bringing unpredictable weather but this beautiful Spring wedding in Purton was a welcome surprise.  Yasmin and Hugh held their wedding at The Pear Tree, Purton, and it was a super day.


A Beautiful Wedding Couple

Yasmin and her bridesmaids were so welcoming and friendly as soon as I walked in and I instantly felt like they were friends rather than ‘just a bride’.  Yasmin was striking. She had a a smile that really lit up her face.  Every single one of her bridesmaids had eyes that popped and it was really something that took me back when I looked at them.

When Yasmin put her dress on she blew me away.  It was a full lace dress with such intricate detail and sparkle and it suited her perfectly, reflecting the warmth around her.

Hugh was all smiles too and I could hear the laughing with his ‘crew’ as I walked down the corridor to meet him.  Hugh and his Best Men and Ushers looked so smart and I also clocked three very handsome young boys who were very excited to see their mummy and daddy get married.

This all made for a wedding photographer’s dream and I was so excited for the day!


The Wedding Venue

The Pear Tree is a wedding venue in Wiltshire designed for exclusive use.  This wedding venue has a beautifully light reception room which showed off all the little table details perfectly.  The tables were named after Gin which I loved!   The cake was made by the Bride’s mother and what an amazing job she did!  It was sat pride of place in the room and looked fantastic.

The stairs down from the Wedding Ceremony room allowed for a lovely and long confetti line – which was a good thing because there were a lot of guests!  It was a little chilly but the sun shone so we were able to make the most of the gardens with the Cotswolds hills hidden in the distance.


A Fun Wedding Crowd

Yasmin, Hugh and the whole bridal party were great fun and so relaxed which allowed us to enjoy the photographs and have fun with them, which showed as they smiled and looked radiant throughout.  They even suggested ideas for photographs getting really involved with the action.


My Thoughts on a Beautiful Cotswolds Wedding

The speeches were fantastic and the two Best Men did a great job of delivering a speech that was honest, genuinely funny and heartfelt.  I always say to those writing speeches never to ‘try’ to be funny, just speak from the heart it makes such a difference.  Do this and the laughs will follow.  There were also tears, and yes I cried too!

Throughout the day I watched Yasmin and Hugh and they always had a smile on their face.  I also watched the wedding party as they celebrated and it was clear how much this couple were adored by each and every guest at the wedding.  It was humbling and beautiful to experience.  These two had a hell of a lot of hurdles thrown at them on their wedding day and I am still blown away by their sheer determination not to let anything get in their way.  I have so much love and respect for Yasmin and Hugh – they feel like friends to me.



Venue – The Pear Tree, Purton

Make up – Blush by Liv

Wedding Dress – tbc

Hair – Hayley Hewitt Hair

Flowers – The Flower Factory

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