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Authentic | Personal | Unique​

My aim is to give you the most authentic and personal Cotswolds wedding photography experience and to create beautiful photographs that capture the unique story of your Cotswold celebration.

Professional wedding photography is so much more than just taking photographs. It’s having to wear many hats, and each hat provides the recipe for a personal and authentic photography experience. It‘s being there in the morning to calm the nerves, helping with the buttonholes, the plasters, forgotten sewing kit and scissors! And it means making sure my bride is given time and space to breathe before her big moment, and providing the glucose tablets when the energy dips.

The photos that Lara took were great and far exceeded our expectations!

Not only is Lara great at taking photos she is friendly, relaxed and just a nice person to have around on your wedding day!

Even if you don’t like having your photo taken (like one of us!) we would definitely recommend the engagement shoot that Lara offers. It was a great way to get to know Lara and made everything feel more relaxed on the day.

Paula & Mike – The Bay Tree – Burford

Calm and Friendly - Blending In with Your Guests

I know when to listen and provide reassurance, and when to give you space. I watch and observe the day as it unfolds, reading the atmosphere of a room to tailor my coverage accordingly. My calm, friendly manner and ability to blend in like a guest ensures nerves are kept at bay when a camera is present.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

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